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 Ballot argument

Big Bear Lake has seen explosive growth in the number of vacation rentals. We now have investors buying property, not as second homes, but as commercial operations in our residential neighborhoods. The oversaturation of vacation rentals has eroded our quality of life. If we don’t stop the proliferation, more of our friends and neighbors could lose their homes.

This initiative BALANCES the needs of our tourism economy with the needs of our full-time residents. It places reasonable limits on vacation rentals, restores vacation rentals to their original intent as second homes, and makes vacation rental owners, not their neighbors, responsible for monitoring guest behavior.

  • Limits the total number of vacation rental licenses to 1500, about what we had five years ago
  • Grandfathers existing vacation rental licenses; in fairness to everyone the lower limit will be achieved through attrition
  • Limits owners to ONE license
  • Limits each vacation rental to 30 short term guest stays per year. This should reduce traffic in our residential neighborhoods; discourage investors looking purely for profit while allowing second homeowners to offset expenses
  • Increases transparency through better city reporting
  • Improves enforcement with clear guidelines and a three strikes policy

Recently, we’ve seen a drop in tourist demand. If we don’t reduce the number of vacation rentals it may drive down rates and make it difficult for our local hotels and lodges to compete. We need long term economic stability.

We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and love sharing it. We welcome tourists but want to limit their impact on our residential neighborhoods. Neighborhoods need more than just vacation rentals; they need families, children, seniors and housing for our workforce.  We need a safe, peaceful place to live. We want our neighborhoods back.

VOTE YES on Measure O! Neighborhoods Need Neighbors!

Neighborhoods Need Neighbors

As the number of Vacation Rental homes soared, the citizens of Big Bear Lake found the situation grew to unsustainable levels. In the summer of 2020, citizens began to appear before the City Council, telling stories of the painful disruption to their lives when Vacation Rentals surrounded them in their residential neighborhoods.

One after another, we came to the podium, telling about all night parties, traffic, loud music, snow-play in our yards, trash left behind, over occupancy and parking violations as well as assaults and altercations by these Vacation Renters who were staying for a night or two. Many of our residents have lost all of their neighbors and find themselves completely surrounded by strangers, every weekend.

“There are more Vacation Rentals than homes occupied by residents”

Yes, the profit was great to the investor and the management companies; however, the citizens were paying the cost of their success. Our pleas for a moratorium and a limit to the number of these homes were completely ignored. The Council did address the behavioral side of the problem, while refusing to limit the number of these homes in our residential community. There are more Vacation Rentals than homes occupied by residents. The fabric of our community has been ripped apart, the middle class are leaving Big Bear, a school has closed and the service workers find themselves with nowhere to live.

“We want a vibrant, successful tourist town. We also want our citizens to be respected.”

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Good News! The ‘Citizens’ Initiative to Limit Short Term Rentals’ will be on the ballot this November.

Our initiative will finally place a LIMIT on vacation rentals. It will grandfather all existing license holders but prohibit the City from issuing any new ones until the total drops below 1500. (Down from almost 2600 today)

Achieve the rollback through attrition. As an investor leaves, or chooses not to renew their license, we will have one less vacation home.

It will LIMIT all vacation rentals to no more than 30 contracts (guest stays) per year. This will cut down on the constant turnover and create a disincentive to investors looking to turn our neighborhoods into business zones; it will still allow second homeowners to rent out their homes to help offset expenses.

It provides an incentive to turn existing short-term rentals into long-term rentals to help with our housing shortage.

It will bring us improved enforcement, fine collections and transparency.

Recommend Council raise the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) to offset any loss of revenue. This increase would then be comparable to similar communities in California. TOT is a percent of the rent charged to transient guests in hotels/motels, including Vacation Rental properties. Residents do not pay TOT.

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