Ballot Title and Summary


Initiative Measure Amending the City’s Municipal Code to Limit the Number of Vacation Rental Licenses and Rental Contracts in the City and to Enact Additional Limitations and Regulations on Vacation Rentals.


This measure would amend the City of Big Bear Lake Municipal Code to enact further limitations and regulations on “vacation rentals,” meaning any residential dwelling unit, or portion thereof, that is leased for 28 or fewer consecutive days.

To date, the City has issued approximately 2,600 vacation rental licenses under the current Code.  The measure would establish a citywide cap of 1,500 vacation rental licenses, not including licenses for “home sharing”, as defined. Those licenses applied for or held in good standing prior to the “cut-off date” may be renewed within 30 days after expiration notwithstanding the cap. The measure provides that upon a sale or other change of property ownership, the existing vacation rental license automatically expires and any grandfathering ends. The new owner would have to obtain a new vacation rental license under the measure’s current rules, which would not allow the issuance of new vacation rental licenses, except for home sharing licenses, until the total number of licenses falls to less than 1,500. Spousal transfers, including through death and divorce, would not trigger a change in ownership and a grandfathered license would remain effective.

The measure defines “cut-off date” as either (i) the date the City Council adopts this measure without an election or (ii) if placed on the ballot, the date of the election for this measure.

The measure would also establish an annual limit of 30 vacation rental contracts per property starting January 1, 2024. This contract limit would not apply to occupants on the owner’s “friends and family” list or to properties used exclusively for home-sharing. In order to qualify occupants for the friends and family exception, an owner must file a list with the City, identifying up to five persons who must occupy the unit at no cost and may occupy the property without the owner present.

Current Code allows an owner to possess up to two vacation rental licenses. The measure provides that, after the cut-off date, no owner may possess more than one license. However, owners with two licenses prior to the cut-off date may continue to use both until a license terminates or expires.

After the cut-off date, the measure would prohibit a business and other legal entity from receiving a license; only a natural person or personal/family trust could get a license. However, a business or other legal entity with a license prior to the cut-off date may continue to use it until it terminates or expires.

Current Code allows each unit in a duplex, triplex and four-plex (2-4 attached units) to be licensed as a vacation rental. The measure would limit a vacation rental to only one unit within a duplex, triplex or four-plex.

The measure enacts further limitations, regulations and obligations with regard to vacation rental (i) events and gatherings, (ii) parking standards, (iii) rental contract information, (iv) inspections and (v) penalties for non-compliance.

The Notice of Intent 

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The City’s current vacation rental ordinance 

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The City’s vacation rental program

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